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Schedule - 2021 Season

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Saturday, June 19, 2021 — Sweet Honey In the Rock Livestream


Last year, during the early months of grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, the horrific murder of George Floyd was witnessed throughout the world and the international community exploded in protest.

A year later, we are still on the battlefield--with systematic racism continuing to destroy innocent lives. Those of us who are still here are truly blessed, working collectively and individually for change. Raising our voices, taking to the streets, calling out the lies, calling for justice for all, moving forward, staying hopeful, relishing our resilience, while knowing that the struggle is far from over.

We hope this Juneteenth Day experience will energize, uplift and inspire each of us to recommit, and reconnect as a world community walking courageously forward into the light of truth and freedom... never turning back!

They are performing two shows so pick the one that fits your schedule: either 2pm central time or 7pm central time. Either show is just $19 LIVE or any time in the next two weeks.

This livestream is NOT like shows you may have watched where people are broadcasting from their living room or the like. They will be on stage, live, with 6 cameras, professional sound, and something extra: At the edge of the stage is a big row of monitors where the performers will see the faces of some of the members in the audience. So they will see and feel the audience, unlike other live shows, so your energy and reactions are a part of their performance! .

Tickets: $19 via this link Please use this link for tickets so we get credit for it.

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